The Difference Between Drain Flies and Fruit Flies

Drain flies and fruit flies are, no doubt, really, really annoying pests. Like any fly in general, both drain and fruit flies are commonly found in areas that we inhabit, making them quite the nuisance. However, how would you tell which fly is bothering you? Yes, their names imply that drain flies will be found in drains and fruit flies will be found near fruit, but both species can wander off and bother you in your room or outdoors.

Drain flies, when viewed from above, are triangular in shape and also appear fuzzy and hairy. Fruit flies, on the other hand, usually look yellow and have red eyes (but not always!). Fruit flies also resemble typical flies in the sense that they have narrow bodies and wings. Both flies can actually be found in drains; fruit flies are more typically found in kitchen drains though.

Remember, the best way to prevent these pests from reproducing and settling down in your home is to be clean! Throw away any spoiled food and clean out your drains regularly! Also clean any moist areas such as under your washer so that flies cannot settle there!

Drain flies are triangular in shape

Fruit flies are usually yellow with red eyes

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2 Responses to The Difference Between Drain Flies and Fruit Flies

  1. laurie boody says:

    I have been seeing the tiniest flies in my bathroom, kitchen & LRoom. Only have seen very few but can be mutiplying on what I have no idea. The only thing I have changed in our house is the catbox, putting it in a very wet basement. We have to get it clean & dehumidify. I don’t like these pests. I shut the Bathroom door to see if they would multiply. I went back in & there were 2 on the mirror. I looked close as possible. It was the size of a pin-head. Brown in color. If I had a magnifier I may have seen eye color. I am super clean & have been going from room-room really getting organized cleaning every corner. No fruit lays about. My husband started a garden this year & when the veg & tomatoes are brought in I put them in frig & cover. I’m thinking it may be from his garden right next to door entrance. What else could they be & what can I do. My house is clean except for the basement. Thanks, Laurie

    • sunnydesu89 says:

      Hey Laurie. To my understanding, it seems like your right! They may very well be coming from your husbands garden. Mainly, its going to be mechanical control thats going to help the best. Making sure that your screening on doors and windows are all adjusted correctly will be the best method of exclusion. You can also always look into fly sprays or fly light traps. A lot of DIY stores have FlyWeb lights that are small and discreet and best of all, PROFESSIONAL GRADE :)

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